"FUCEN SEWING MACHINE CO. LTD. is specialized in producing many types of industrial garment sewing machines. At FUCEN our mission is to place our customers first everywhere, every time, and provide them with superior value, by quickly creating and delivering high-quality products and services.

    We must consistently observe the changing world's needs, FUCEN has been efficiently responding to the changing time and continuing to offer unique product and services to customer, make fast decisions and take quick action, with a challenging spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

    Our dedicated team of professionals are working to improve all Aspects of research, development, production and services. We are pushing organizational reform with the intent to transform the entire group into a world-class manufacturing organization. Pressing forward, we are additionally focusing on improved customer relationships. We will continue to provide products and services by taking our customer needs and desires strictly into account, by treating our customers as "co-production partners," in which we create value together by learning directly from our customers. Read More..

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