Super high speed 4 thread over lock sewing machine (general plain sewing).


Excellent oil-blocking features effectively protect your important sewn products from oil stains: In order to prevent damage to your sewn products caused by oil stains, the FC-947 Series includes excellent oil-blocking mechanisms on many parts of the machine, such as the totally enclosed needle bar chamber, the forced-drain function and the new shaped gasket that has been employed between the oil reservoir and the machine bed, also between the top cover and the machine bed. These features eliminate stain removing operations, increasing productivity and quality. The FC-947 Series can respond to the use of different kinds of fabrics and/or sewn products by changing position of the shaft of the presser arm. Therefore, you can pick out a machine that meets your needs, from a full line of subclasses. In addition, this series can use Fucen conventional machine parts and labor saving devices (note that some special parts are needed).


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