5 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine FC-832-86

Super high speed 5 thread overlock sewing machine (general plain sewing) for thick material.

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5 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine FC-832-86

FC-800 Series, which was developed using all of Fucen’s state-of-the-art technology, while maintaining cost effectiveness and quality, responds to various needs with a full line of subclasses. 1. Excellent oil-blocking features effectively protect your important sewn products from oil stains. 2. Achieves a maximum machine speed of 7,000 rpm, resulting in production increases. 3. Rustproof needle plate is surface-treated as a rust prevention measure. Thanks to this feature, the needle plate is not damaged by fabrics processed with chemical agents and/or dyes. 4. The FC-800 series can respond to the use of different kinds of fabrics and/or sewn products by changing the position of the shaft of the presser arm.

5 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine FC-832-86


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