Best Double Needle Chanistitch Machine- FC-3800-D

High speed direct drive, double needle flatbed chanistitch sewing machine.


Best Double Needle Chanistitch Sewing Machine

Various attachments allow the machine to adapt to many different processes. Many different attachments have been developed for the machine. This means that the FC-3800 Series sewing machine can adapt to many kinds of processes and specifications including hemming. welting and decorative stitc hi ng.Accurate stitching performance and durable finished seams are particularly necessary in the chain stitching process.We ensures high-quality sewing with a higher degree of consistency with its unique looper mechanism and consistent condensation stitching mechanism. Furthermore, highly efficient operation is achieved by using a chain-off thread cutting device. The machine ensures outstanding reliability and durability. It comes with unique inclined crank type looper mechanisrn.This gives the machine outstanding durability. You can use the sewing machine for a long time without ever worrying about looper failure. The machine is capable of performing consistent condensation stitching, ensuring finished seams of higher quality. You can easily set the machine to perform condensation stitching by operating the lever. Condensation stitches that prevent the thread from fraying can be consistently sewn. Stitch length can be adjusted with ease. The machine incorporates a stitch dial for adjusting the stitch length. For lockstitch machines., which are the most popular type of sewing machines. the stitch length is also adjusted using a stitch dial.This means you can adjust the stitch length as desired without difficulty.


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