Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine – FC-299U-566A

Eyelet button hole sewing machine (cutting before sewing).

Gives a “hand-made” look to buttonholes with coarse feed pares especially on light weight cloth.

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Reinforcing gimp on top of the buttonhole: All machines lay a reinforcing cord or gimp under the purl stitches for extra strength. Some varieties are capable of inserting re-enforcement gimp top and bottom of buttonhole. This gives a ‘hand-made’ look to buttonholes with coarse feed geares, especially on a lightweight cloth. Constant stitch length: These machines have positive gear feed for the material, not clutch drive, so that even after long use the stitch length is constant in both directions and perfect uniform. Eyelet-straight hole: Changing shape from eyelet straight is achieved just by rotating a locking pin in alternate positions. Buttonhole with or without taper bar: It can produce straight and eyelet-end buttonholes with or without a taper bar. The length of the tapered bar is easily adjustable Length of buttonhole: The length of the buttonhole is an operator adjustment and various sizes can be selected freely with the use of one pattern wheel. Only there placement with the correct length cutting block is needed.

Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine – FC-299U-566A



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