FC-1850 – High Speed Lockstitch Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

High-performance bar tacking machine has been improved for space-saving design, ease of operation,and higher quality.


Low-tension sewing can be performed. Furthermore. reliable thread trimming is ensured. leading to further improved seam quality. In addition to the capability of low-tension stitching, the prevention of loose stitches at the start and end of sewing using synthetic threads is assured. The use of unique thread trimming system. coupled with the low-tension sewing capability. have further upgraded the sewing performance. The formation of even stitches of high quality is assured regardless Of the type or count of threads used.

Great reduction of the pedaling pressure required has been achieved. helping reduce operator fatigue. The pedaling pressure required to lower the work clarnp foot is only 500 to 700 gand the pressure required for operating the starting pedal has been reduced by % that of previous machines-Also. the stroke of the starting pedal has been decreased by half: I S mmAlI these advantages enable the operator to enjoy easy and rhythmic sewing. The lower clamping plate has been flattened and the feed cam has been made compact by limiting the sewing size and the number Of stitches.

The result is a wider sewing area. Furthermore. the work clamp foot lift is as high as 1 7 mm-Thanks to these improvements. a workpiece can be handled more easily without concern about the workpiece becoming caught in the carn. A  maximum sewing speed Of 2, 300 stiJmin leads co higher efficiency, The machine features a higher sewing speed and shortened cycle time. and is provided with a new smooth thread The machine has various other improvements that lead to higher efficiency. including a pedal that. Both the longitudinal and lateral requires low pedaling pressure. a work clamp foot that ensures free finger action. and a face plate feed amounts can be adjusted with ease. that allows the needle entry point to be seen at a glance.

FC-1850 – High Speed Lockstitch Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

FC-1850 - High Speed Lockstitch Bar Tacking Sewing Machines


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