FC-6 – Automatic End Cutter

A fixed cutting equipment, which consists of fabric bracket, automatic up-down part, track, machine head, control box etc. It uses hard, precise, anti-wear quality spare parts and quality system management and production and testing equipment of CNC, wire cutting.


FC-6 is a suitable for single man operation. The machine head, up-down part and motor can work automatically. An intelligent counting device is fitted, which can recall automatically. The base plate is of special hard and anti-wear steel, fitted with 4 pcs of sealed bearing of high speed, high-temperature resistance and low noise. The wire and aviator plug are protected from swinging and breaking off. The hole in the track prevents dust from accumulating to stick the head. Cutting breath is able to be set and limitation is protected. It has the future of smooth and precise cutting, high efficiency, low noise, good safety, smooth cutting edge, easy operation, auto-sharpening, etc. It is an ideal equipment to cut cotton, wool, linen, knitting, silk, chemical fiber, wind coat cloth, umbrella cloth, plastic cloth, canvas, plastic film, nylon, polyester, T/C, T/R and so on.

FC-6 – Automatic End Cutter


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