FC-802 – Automatic Folding Machine With Gluing

Automatic folding machine with gluing


Adopt the touch control panel,the numerical indication of cement temperature,flow rate and temperature of cement output,and the stepless ad-justment of cement output. The advanced folding mechanisrn can be adjusted easily, It has neat folding, even width, and it is smooth, beautiful too.The advanced folding width can be adjusted 3mm-6.5mm, and can fold with force tape. It has the function for curved incisor,The cement output system adopts double protection and the performance is very excellent. Automatic positioning of electric machine stop,double protection of cement output system. The folding effect and work deficiency is 5- I Otimes of manual operation. It adopts low compressive stress electric current and folding the whole processealizes intelligence; uses them-cement and can also fold the edges glued. Light sensitive resistance controls the discharge stably and accurately. This machine have the cutting device new style folding device and improved pressuring and guiding device etc. Style regulator regulates the speed conveniently 6-8tirnes fast. It is used for leather handbags or instep folding turn edging.

FC-802 – Automatic Folding Machine With Gluing

FC-802 - Automatic Folding Machine With Gluing


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