High speed minute-quantity lubrication type, direct drive, single needle lockstitch sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer, needle positioning, auto reverse, auto wiping & operation panel .

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Features:Minute-quantity lubrication type Max. sewing speed: 5,000sti/min
The sewing speed of 5000sti/min, which is the highest speed of any direct-drive lockstitch machines, contributes to increased productivity.
The FC-9700 is the standard model developed with the emphasis on durability. It produces seams with consistency when run at speeds which falls in the range of the highest sewing speeds.
The needle bar and thread take-up components are lubricated with the minimum required quantity of oil. For the hook section, the standard method of lubrication is employed.
Design for achieving silent operation The operating noise generated by the mechanisms is reduced, helping reduce operator fatigue.
One of the eternal challenges of a sewing plant is the improvement of the work environment. One of the factors to be improved is noise within the plant. The FC-9700 1-needle lockstitch machine is the sewing machine which is used most frequently in the sewing plant. For this reason, the noise generating mechanisms have been attuned to eliminate any harsh noise.
The major sources of noise are the one-touch type reverse feed device, the wiper and the auto-lifter, which have been designed aiming at the reduction of noise. The resulting mechanisms’ operating noise is reduced, thus helping reduce operator fatigue.


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