Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Body Making Machine

These machine products mask body automatically. Including material feeding, nose wire feeding, nose wire cutting folding pleat, hem welding, ultrasonic welding, and blank cutting and so on, all automated and high output.


1.Model : FB-SMB
2.Applicable mask Type: Plane mask
3.Finished product specification : 3900mmx1000mmx2000mm
4.Production : 80 – 120masks / min
5.Applicable materials : spun bond , melt blown and hot air cloth
6.Applicable layers : 2-3 layer
7.Processing method : Ultrasonic welding + knife cutting
8.Welding pattern : Custom options
9.Fixation of ear belt : welding
10.Operation screen : 7 – inch touch screen
11.Area covered : 2290x920x1250mm
12.Machine weight : 418Kgs
13.Control system : Fucen’s independent research and development
14.Driving system : Three phase asynchronous motor
15.The ultrasonic generator : 220V . 20KHZ 2 . 0KW
16.Auricular band : External manual nailing ear belt machine
17.Bridge of the nose : Internal external nasal strip


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