High Speed Button Hole Lockstitch Sewing Machine – FC-1790

Computer controlled, direct drive high speed button hole lockstitch sewing machine


Thanks to our advanced dry-head technology, no lubrication is required except for the hook section. This eliminates oil stains on the sewing product. The machine can be completely changed into a dry-head machine by replacing the hook with an optional non-lubricated hook. (In this case. the maximum sewing speed will be 3.300 rpm.) Needle thread tension for sewing parallel and bartacking sections of buttonholes can be separately controlled through the operation panel and stored in memory according to various sewing conditions (e.g., type of thread, type of material, and sewing speed). The machine is able to change the needle thread tensions at the parallel and bartacking sections of the buttonhole. to produce a beautiful buttonhole shape. This capability helps greatly in preventing thread breakage. Needle thread tension is activated at the beginning and end of sewing. This prevents unthreading of the needle thread. and thread fraying that is likely to occur at the beginning of sewing. Thread tension for basting stitching can be specified separately. Thanks to the multiple knife-dropping functions.it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the time the buttonhole size is changed. The number of knife dropping times can be automatically set according to the buttonholing size in cases where the buttonhole size is frequently changed for small-lot productions or during the cycle sewing of buttonholes that are different in size.

High Speed Button Hole Lockstitch Sewing Machine – FC-1790


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