NT8300-13080J-High-Speed Oil-Free Pattern Template Machine

High-speed oil-free pattern template machine


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Double screw rod, double guide rail, double servo motor mechanism, wide machine base design, oil-free lubricating of the rod and head parts, micro-oil lubrication of the hook oil line, easy maintenance of the cutting cam front, new template clamping device, Reduces the requirement for air pressure, and the foldable table is easy to carry.

Completely solve the problem of inconsistent stitching between reverse and reverse stitching, and apply to high-end sewing materials that require consistent stitching.

Servo motor and screw drive

The toothed clamping structure is used to ensure that there is no gap when the template is clamped, which is convenient to operate, and at the same time reduces the requirements on the stability of the air pressure of the gas source. Reduce template production costs.

The machine head uses oil-free lubrication technology and the rotary hook uses oil line lubrication technology. The application of the above two technologies not only solves the problem of the high-speed operation life of the machine, but also completely eliminates the pollution of fabrics by liquid lubricants.


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