Model: FB-10

FB-10 Automatic Button Wrapping and Knotting Machine

Rated voltage 110-220V
Power & rated air pressure 70W& 4.5Pa
Buckle type Flat clasp stand buckle Mushroom clasp
Packaging specifications Lx32, wx32, hx24
Weight 6.5Kg
Max. Sewing Thickness 3mm
Feed Mechanism Needle Feed
Overall Dimensions 32*32*24CM

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Product Description

  • The machine is simple to operate and does not require skilled time and labor.
  • Use ordinary wire and not hot melt wire the buckle. Anti-hot hand automatic heating function countable. The number of laps and temperature can be set. The size of the button does not need to be adjusted.
  • Suitable for all kinds of high-end clothing, button wrapping, such as shirts, coats, t-shirts, clothing such as pants are buttoned.

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Product Technical Specification

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FB-10 Automatic Button Wrapping and Knotting Machine

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