Model: FC-0385-D4

FC-0385-D4: Computerized Direct Drive Long Arm Single Needle Sewing Machine (Bed Size 850mm)

Min-Max Sewing Speed 200-5000 (Sti/Min*)
Power consumption 220V
Power Load 50-100W (Output 550W)
Max. Stitch Length 2-12mm
Lift of Presser Foot by hand: 12mm
by Knee: 15mm
Needle Type DBx1718-24#
Table Size Length 71 Inch,
Width 34 Inch
Auto Foot Lifter YES
Auto Oil Lubrication YES

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Product Description

Computerize Direct Drive, Long Arm, Single Needle Flat Bed Top and Bottom Feed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine (Large Hook) With Automatic Thread Trimmer, Needle Positioning, Auto Reverse, Auto Wiping & Operation Panel(Bed Size-850mm)

  • The actual operating space of this machine is 850mm. is flat-bed type machine. it adopts links tape-up and rotating hook to from 301 stitches. and can sew very heavy material with neat and beautiful stitches, low noise, easy maintenance.
  • Head mould-make, not weld, steady, low vibration noise.
  • Oil Lubrications dry front head.
  • Needle position exactly and trimming promptly, highspeed
  • Auto trimmer, auto lifter and auto needle position.
  • Rear puller(selective): Stitch equally and beautifully, handle easily.
  • Suitable for Luggage, Leather, Sofa, Car Cushion, Air Bag, Tent, Bedding thick material clothing, etc.

# FC-0385-D4 Features

1. Long Arm(850mm)  2. Flat Bed
3. Top & Bottom Feed 4. Lockstitch
5. Large Hook 6. Automatics Thread Trimmer
7. Auto Needle Position 8. Reverse Stitch
9. Auto Wipper 10. Operation Panel
11. Inbuilt Bobbin Winder 12. Digital Display/control Panel
13. LED Light 14. for Light, Medium & Heavy Fabric
15.  Low Noise 16. Pattern Stitch

Product Technical Specification

Computerize Control Panel

Computerize LED Control Panels allow for customizable settings, such as stitch length, speed, and tension, giving operators greater control over the sewing process and allowing them to tailor settings to specific fabrics or tasks.

Air Cushion Table

Our sewing machine table features an adjustable air cushion system that allows you to customize the firmness of the table’s surface according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a softer feel for delicate fabrics or a firmer surface for precise stitching, this system provides unparalleled flexibility.

Advance LED Light

Built-In Advanced LED Lighting in Our Industrial Sewing Machines. Illuminate Your Workspace for Precision Stitching and Enhanced Visibility.

Auto Thread Wipper

This advanced feature automatically wipes away excess thread after each stitch, ensuring a clean and professional finish without the need for manual intervention.

Large Hook

Sewing Machine with Large Hook features a spacious hook mechanism that accommodates a greater volume of thread and bobbin, reducing the frequency of bobbin changes during sewing. This increased capacity ensures uninterrupted stitching and improved efficiency, especially when working on large or complex projects.

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FC-0385-D4: Computerized Direct Drive Long Arm Single Needle Sewing Machine (Bed Size 850mm)

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