Model: FC-8800-Z

FC-8800-Z Triangular Skip Stitch. (Zebra Stitch)

No of Thread: 1
No. Needle: 2 (Dual Needle)
Speed 1400rpm
Needle Type: DP x 5 75~90
Presser foot: 5.5~13
Net Weight/gross weight 28/36
Stitch Length 0-5mm

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Product Description

It is applicable to business suit, sportswear, overcoat, trousers, shirt, etc. with reasonable framework, steady running, little sound, beautiful appearing and stitch, it is easy to operate, just the perfect machine for garment.

# FC-8800-Z Features

1. AB Guard 2. Tenson
3. Oil Window 4. Pulli
5. Stitch Dialer 6. Dual Tandem Needle
7. Zebra stitch 8. Servo motor
9. Control Box 10. Feed dog
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Product Technical Specification

AB Guard

An “AB Guard” in the context of sewing machines typically refers to a feature designed to enhance safety and protection during the sewing process. This can be particularly important when using specialized or high-speed sewing machines.

Dual Tandem Needle

A Dual Tandem Needle, also known as a twin needle or double needle, is a special type of sewing needle with two needles mounted on a single shaft. This configuration allows for two parallel rows of stitching to be sewn simultaneously, which can be useful for decorative stitching, hemming, and creating pintucks.

Stitch Size Controller

Using these controllers, you can customize the appearance and functionality of your stitches based on your specific sewing needs. Adjusting the stitch size is essential for different types of fabrics and sewing techniques.


In the context of sewing and stitching, “tenson” refers to the tightness or looseness of the thread as it passes through the sewing machine. Proper thread tension is crucial for creating even, balanced stitches. If the tension is too tight or too loose, it can result in issues such as puckering, thread breakage, or uneven stitches.

Zebra Stitch

The Zebra Stitch, often associated with machines like the “FC-8800-Z Triangular Skip Stitch,” is a type of decorative stitch used in sewing. This stitch is characterized by a distinctive pattern that alternates between different stitch lengths or angles, creating a striped or “zebra” effect. It is commonly used in fashion and upholstery to add a unique, eye-catching element to fabrics.

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FC-8800-Z Triangular Skip Stitch. (Zebra Stitch)

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