Model: FC-8820-200

FC-8820-200: Computerized Double Needle Flat Bed Pattern Sewing Machine With Inbuilt 200 Design.

Min-Max Sewing Speed 200-3000 (Sti/Min*)
Power 220V 550W
Presser Foot Lifting 10mm
Single Needle Distance 0.5-10mm
Double Needle Distance 5.5-10mm
Needle DD x I I30#, 140#, 160#,
80#, 200#, 230#, 250#
Rotating Needle Bar 180° digree

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Product Description

200 Design/Pattern

FC-8820-200: Computerized Double Needle Flat Bed Pattern Sewing Machine With Inbuilt 200 Design.

  • Applicable for ornamental stitching of super leather clothes, casual clothes, feather coats, etc. Applicable for sewing complete materials and piece materials.
  • Equipped with electronic speed-adjustment motor and freely to adjust the sewing speed according to the thickness of the materials and threads to make the stitch even and beautiful.
  • Able to sew all all kinds of thread through changing the size of needles to make usage scope of the machine more extensive and to comply with contemporary fashionable trend.
  • 200 different kinds of stitches available through computer controlled device; able to change stitches freely when sewing to realize one machine but many usage. Purchase imported bearing (stable and endurable) for the transmission pats.
  • Applicable to various factories because this motor and has auto trimming function with its simple operation and low requirements for workers.

# FC-8820-200 Features

1. 200 Design/Pattern 2. Computerized Touch Controller
3. Air Presser Foot Lifter 4. Bobbin Winder
5. Direct Drive 6. Air Cylinder
7. Stepping Motor 8. FRL Pump
9. Control Box 10. 180° Rotating Needle Bar
11. Feed Dog 12. Large Hook
13. Double Needle Pattern Stitch 14.
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Product Technical Specification

Double Needle

A double needle (also known as a twin needle) in a sewing machine allows you to create parallel rows of stitching simultaneously. This can be particularly useful for hemming, decorative stitching, and creating a professional-looking finish on knit fabrics.

Note: Have 2 Option, User want to stitch from single Needle or Twin Needle.

Air Presser Foot Lifter

air presser foot lifter is a pneumatic device used to raise and lower the presser foot of a sewing machine, particularly beneficial for heavy-duty or industrial sewing machines. This tool can significantly enhance efficiency and ease of use, especially in a high-volume or heavy fabric sewing environment.

Stepping Motor

We have in this Machine 2 extra Stepping Motor, One for Needle Movement which is helping to Create 200 types of Pattern Stitch on Heavy Fabric and Second one is for Feed Dog which is Helping to Easily Moving Fabric from Front to Back. This is Advantage to High Quality & Tightly Stitching on Heavy Fabric

LED Control Panel

A sewing machine with an LED computerized control panel offers a modern, efficient, and user-friendly sewing experience. These machines integrate advanced technology with traditional sewing functions to provide greater control, precision, and convenience.

FRL Pump

An FRL unit (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) is an essential component in pneumatic systems used in heavy-duty sewing machines. These machines often rely on pneumatic components for various functions such as operating the presser foot lifter, thread cutter, and other automated features. The FRL unit ensures that the air supply is clean, at the correct pressure, and properly lubricated, which is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of pneumatic sewing machines.

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FC-8820-200: Computerized Double Needle Flat Bed Pattern Sewing Machine With Inbuilt 200 Design.

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