Model: FT-02+

FT-02+ High Speed Direct Drive, Single Needle lockstitch Sewing machine With Automatic thread Trimmer

Min-Max Sewing Speed 100-5000 (Sti/Min*)
Power consumption 320V
Needle bar Stroke 30.7mm
Max. Stitch Length 0-5mm
Lift of Presser Foot by hand: 5.5mm
by Knee: 15mm
Needle Type DBx1 (#14)
Auto Wiper Yes
Auto Thread Trimming Yes
Needle Positioning Yes
Lubrication Automatic

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Product Description

FT-02+ High Speed Direct Drive, Single Needle lockstitch Sewing machine With Automatic thread Trimmer , Needle Positioning, Auto Reverse, Auto Wiping & Operation Panel.

Highly Reliable Electrical Equipment: Fucen – developed direct drive motor and control box maximize the sewing performance. Since the electrical reliability has been increased the sewing machine can be used even in areas where the power situation is unstable.
Built-in Operation Panel: The FT-02+ incorporates a user-friendly operation panel on the machine head. In addition to often-used start backtack and end backtack, other useful functions such as program sewing and lower thread counter are also supported.
Comfortable Sewing: With a drive system, the motor power reaches max, sewing speed quickly, contributing productivity enhancement. The control box is integrated with an oil pan under the machine body providing ample space behind the head. Installation with machine head is also easy thanks to separated machine head and control box.
Great Needle Penetration Force: Powerful motor outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If the needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases penetration force.
Needle Breakage Prevention Function: When reverse stitching is carried out with the actuator switch, needle breakage may occur. With through analysis of its cause, the function preventing the needle breakage has been introduced.
Led Handy Light Equipped as Standard: LED handy light is equipped as standard which integrated with the actuator switch. The brightness can be adjusted on the operation panel.
High Energy Saving: FT-02+ realized industry’s top-level high energy saving. The power consumption of the machine is approximately 50% less than that with V-belt driven system.

# FT-02+ Features

1. Direct Drive 2.Auto Needle Positioning
3. Digital Control Panel 4. Advance LED Light
5. USB Port 6. Thread Trimmer
7. Start Tack / End Tack 8.Auto Lubrication
9. Auto Thread Wiper 10. Bobbin Winder
11. Auto Bar Tacking 12. 4 Pattern Stitch
13. Soft Stitch 14. Electronic Back Tack Switch

Product Technical Specification

Led Display Panel

LED Display Panel typically refers to a modern sewing machine that incorporates advanced features and settings. The LED display panel allows users to easily access and adjust various settings such as stitch selection, stitch length, stitch width, tension.

LED Light

Inbuilt LED light is a common feature found in modern sewing machines, including single needle machines. This feature consists of small LED bulbs strategically placed around the sewing area to provide ample illumination while working on projects.


Back Tack Switch

A back tack switch, also known as a backstitch button or reverse stitch button, is a feature commonly found on sewing machines. This button or switch is typically located on the machine’s control panel or near the sewing foot, within easy reach of the operator’s hand.

Stitch Dialer & Manual Back Tack

A stitch size controller allows for precise adjustment of stitch length, ensuring consistent and accurate stitching for various types of fabrics and sewing tasks.

As for “Manual Back Tack,” this likely refers to the ability to perform a back tack or reverse stitch manually without the need for a dedicated back tack switch or button

Thread Wiper

A thread wiper is a feature found on some sewing machines, particularly industrial models, designed to remove excess thread from the sewing needle as it retracts from the fabric at the end of a stitching cycle. This helps prevent thread from bunching up or tangling, which can lead to stitching errors or jams.

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FT-02+ High Speed Direct Drive, Single Needle lockstitch Sewing machine With Automatic thread Trimmer

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