Model: FT-0352

FT-0352: Computerized, Single Needle, Top & Bottom Feed Lockstitch With Vertical Edge Trimmer Sewing Machine

Min-Max Sewing Speed 200-3000 (Sti/Min*)
Power 550W
Max. Stitch Length 8mm
Lift of Presser Foot 6-13mm
Needle Type DBX17 (14-22)
Number of Needle 1
Auto Foot Lifter Provided
Lubrication Automatic

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Product Description

FT-0352: Computerized, Single Needle, Top And Bottom Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Vertical Edge Trimmer, Automatic Thread Trimmer, Needle Positing Auto Reverse, Auto Lifter & Operational Panel

  • The sewing and trimming can be completed at the same time, which improves the sewing efficiency.
  • One-Key restore, voice navigation, operation is simpler and easier to understand, USB interface.
  • The needle position size can be freely matched for wider applicability.
  • Walking foot feeding mechanism
  • Cut the fabric edge while sewing.
  • Large capacity hook.
  • Automatic foot lifter.
  • Automatic needle positioning & reverse stitching
  • Electronic thread tension & LED light.

# FT-0352 Features

1. Computerized control Panel 2. Vertical Edge Trimmer
3. Needle Positing 4. Auto Thread Trimmer
5. Auto Reverse 6. Auto Lifter
7. Bobbin Winder 8. Auto Thread Wipper
9. Auto Oil Lubrication 10.  One Key Reset Option
11. USB Port 12. LED Light
13. Electronic Thread Tension 14. Large Capacity Hook

Product Technical Specification

LED Control Panel

LED control panels enable operators to customize settings like stitch length, speed, and tension, granting them precise control over the sewing process. This flexibility empowers users to adjust settings according to the fabric type or specific sewing task at hand, optimizing efficiency and quality in their work.

Back Tack Switch

A back tack switch, also known as a backstitch button or reverse stitch button, is a feature commonly found on sewing machines. This button or switch is typically located on the machine’s control panel or near the sewing foot, within easy reach of the operator’s hand.

Thread Wipper

A thread wiper is a feature found on some sewing machines, particularly industrial models, designed to remove excess thread from the sewing needle as it retracts from the fabric at the end of a stitching cycle. This helps prevent thread from bunching up or tangling, which can lead to stitching errors or jams.

Stitch Size Controller

A Stitch Dialer on a sewing machine lets you choose different stitches by turning a dial to the desired setting.

Bobbin Winder

Explore the Convenience of Inbuilt Bobbin Winders in Our Industrial Sewing Machines. Effortlessly Prepare Bobbins for Seamless Stitching.

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FT-0352: Computerized, Single Needle, Top & Bottom Feed Lockstitch With Vertical Edge Trimmer Sewing Machine

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