3 Major Innovations of the Fashion World

With its originality, style, trends, and cross-cultural differences, the fashion business is driving customers insane. More fashion is consumed than ever before. From manufacturing plants to landfills, the textile and fashion business is becoming a severe environmental concern. We are harming the planet at every stage. 

To create a sustainable world of fashion, we need to be more attentive to how we consume and how we consume along the textile production chain. The fashion industry has revolved around a limited choice of fabrics for decades. Cotton, silk, leather, and wool are some of the most well-known textiles for clothing. Good quality industrial sewing machines and professional sewers also bring their talent to create amazing designs. 

Regardless of the number of issues that the fashion business must cope with. Our fashion innovators are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to solving these issues.

Here are some mind-blowing innovations to replace the traditional fibers – 

  • Alternative to cotton – Cotton is something that we all enjoy wearing. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, cotton accounts for 82.5 % of all-natural fibers used in the textile industry. Cotton is known for being the greatest fabric to wear in any season. The cultivation of cotton heavily relies on fresh water and sometimes it becomes expensive. 
  • Hemp, Lotus, and Nettles are some other good options.

These plants grow quickly, use minimal water, and require little or no pesticides to thrive. As a result, keep the soil and the ecosystem healthy. At the same time, they have all of the benefits of cotton, such as antibacterial properties, durability, and resilience, as well as lightness and breathability. So, enjoy these textiles with the same comfort as cotton while also being more environmentally friendly. 

  • Vegan silk – Traditional silk is inhumane. Silkworms are one of those categories of living organisms that require food to survive. After cow leather, conventional silk is the second most polluting material in terms of cradle-to-gate impact. The perfect alternative to conventional silk is soy silk, art silk, spider silk, etc. In the production of these silks, no animals are harmed. And their biodegradability sets them apart from the competition.
  • Sustainable fashion – Fashion designers are gearing up to take on the damaging and brutal aspects of the industry. Consumers and brands all around the world are taking sustainable fashion more seriously than ever before.

Fashion designers are constantly coming up with innovative methods to incorporate sustainability into their work. These innovations are awe-inspiring to the entire world and everyone in it. Choose secondhand clothing over new if you want to make your fashion more sustainable. When it comes to new materials, go for vegan options.

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