Embracing Transparency for Your Fashion Business

While transparency is often associated with social responsibility and compliance, its true value is seen when it is viewed as a business objective. Being open with information is what transparency entails. It’s all about the receiver’s ability to get all of the information she wants, not just what the sender is willing to give her. 

Transparency entails honesty and a willingness to give facts, especially when it is difficult to do so. For example, whenever a garment manufacturer wants to buy an industrial sewing machine for his business, he first enquires with the sources present or goes online to check the brand names available. 

When an apparel firm is confident enough in its operations to invite customers in to observe how things are done, it has the most significant influence. It’s the pinnacle of show-and-tell. Is a fashion company legitimate once it is transparent? Authenticity is defined as the trait of being real and, ultimately, trustworthy. Transparency attracts attention; authenticity ensures that a label’s message is credible, heard, and trusted.

Why transparency and authenticity are important for any business?

  • It attracts employees that are honest and proud of their work. There is no fear of discussing or exposing unpleasant issues in an organization where its standards and values are aligned.
  • If the head of the organization provides the employees with good industrial tools [commercial sewing machines] it is seen that productivity automatically increases. 
  • It makes customers feel like they’re a part of the business process, and it helps to build a connection and a relationship. Open conversation and comments are encouraged.
  • A better understanding of the process and product adds to the apparel brand’s value and respect. Adding value to a product is more profitable than discounting it to sell it.
  • It raises customer service standards. You may keep customers informed by providing them with any information you have, good or bad. Publishing information regarding the realities of your position minimizes the number of calls, freeing up time and energy for more in-depth inquiries from your service staff.

Transparency can be achieved in a variety of methods, including through videography. Source My Garment will produce a video campaign to document labor conditions at overseas garment manufacturing facilities as part of its commitment to bringing transparency to the industry. Contrary to popular belief, not all foreign factories are sweatshops. This will increase attention and support for the numerous overseas firms that provide humane and ethical working conditions. 

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