Tips for High-end Fashion Designs: Colors to Select

Looking for the best ways to enhance the beauty of your fashion designs? 

Color selection, as enjoyable as it is, is not as straightforward as it appears. There are several things to consider, as well as a few tactics and best practices used by fashion professionals, to ensure that you choose the shade that sells out of the billions available. 

You’ll be surprised to learn how color selections affect everything from production costs to sales, and how confusing a phrase like “a basic grey t-shirt” may be when communicating with your manufacturer. With fashion colors, the right kind of industrial sewing machine also plays a pivotal role in your business. 

Here are some tips to help you select the right color for your fashion business – 

Shades and tones for your target audience

Consider who your target market is and what they are purchasing for. What is the range of their ages? Is there a hue that better suits their needs, desires, and skin tones than others? Consider using color theory to determine whether you should choose warm or cool colors (and be sure to check out this great resource on warm versus cold skin surface tones and undertones).

Remember the fabric should be of the best quality so that it can be used with ease with the tailoring tools [commercial sewing machines] Good fabric and color tones set the market for your business. 

Be timeless

Timeless does not always indicate “simple” or “boring” – it simply means that it will remain fashionable season after season, which appeals to the majority of purchasers! After all, who wants to spend a lot of money on something that will end up in the closet in a few months? Consumers who are aware of the perils of fast fashion are more likely to spend on long-lasting items, and color plays an important role in this decision. Buyers with this perspective are drawn to neutral hues for ladies, deep blues and forest greens for males, and pastels for children (remember, your customers help create your brand, so attract the people you want to represent your company’s ideals).

Simple colors

This is when the entire “less is more” concept comes into play… and perhaps the most literal instance of it. To put it another way, the fewer colors you choose, the more money you save. We’re guessing that simple math piqued your interest! Selecting just one or two colors can save you a lot of money in terms of time, manufacture, and turnover once your garments hit the shelves. 

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