Fastest Hot air seam sealing Machine

Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine for Rain Jacket, Raincoat, Tent, Underwear, Sportswear, Water-proof Shoes.


Our Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine can be used to bond two different types of fabric with sealing films. Efficient and eco-friendly.


It’s mainly used for Personal protective equipment suit.



Voltage- AC-220V/50/60HZ


Heat Force Control-700c

Compressed Aired-3-3.5kg/cm2

Press Wheel Width-25.4mm

Hot Air Spear

Head Width-24mm

Up wheel Pressure drop stroke-25mm

Up Wheel Pressure-1-1.5kg/cm2


---  Controlled by Programmable PLC with a high-definition display, the process can be modified according to users’ requirements


--- Auto controllable temperature with high stability slightly varies between +2C Warning device for temperature upper limit is installed to protect the heating wire.


--- It has the functions of synchro-drive of the upper- and lower-wheel chain, auto compensation, and auto-reverse


--- Double pedal control is designed according to human mechanics. simple and comfortable, suitable for long-time operation.


--- It is possible to work 24 hours continuously with high efficiency.


--- Blowing-in wind can be Nettled without oil or water by a unique heater tube.


--- An automatic tape loosens system can be added according to specific requirements.


--- The functions of auto tape clipping, sending and finishing reduce the wastage of raw material.


---  Super-thin lower column is suitable for sealing products of various sizes.

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