Industrial Sewing Machines: Maintenance Tips

When it comes to an industrial sewing machine nobody wants mechanical issues with the machine. You need to keep the machines in top shape to avoid run-down. 

Sewing operators whether beginner or professional are required to maintain their machines well-tuned and keep them running smoothly. 

Proper maintenance keeps the industrial sewing machines running smoothly and ensures that all the critical parts of the machine are fully functional. 

Taking preventive measures makes sure that the sewing machine operates smoothly for a longer period and avoid safety hazard for the operator. 

The following steps are important to keep the industrial sewing machine running efficiently 

  • Maintenance tip 1 – Keep the bobbin area clean so that it can avoid lint build-up and issues of gear grime. Wipe the bobbin tray area and remove the debris present on it. When used for a brief period, you can see lint build-up. Clean the lint by using the lint brush and bobbin mechanism area.
  • Maintenance tip 2 – Use a dust cover for your industrial sewing machine when the piece is not in use. You don’t want to see unwanted dust just sitting over your machine. If you have small children and dust cover means “off the limits” sign to them.
  • Maintenance tip 3 – It is the most important tip for industrial sewing machines. One needs to oil the machine regularly if the machine is being used regularly in-home or workshop segments. Proper part lubrication keeps your machine in tip-top share and is good for the long run. The machines can be manually oiled or come with a lubrication oil system.
  • Under the manual oil system, you need to drop 2-3 drops of machine oil inside the oil point of the industrial sewing machine. 
  • Machine with automatic lubrication machines come with an oil reservoir and are filled before use at an appropriate level. There can be additional oiling points in the machine with automated lubrication.
  • Maintenance tip 4 – It is important to replace your needle, first you need to turn off the machine and unplug it from the power spot. If the needle needs replacement, remove the needle for the working part and insert a new one.

Always refer to the instruction manual provided with model no. Have a check on the support spares that come with the machine. Regular cleaning is also required to keep your machines clean, tidy, and running smoothly. 

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