FC- 1900BMP

High Speed, Computerized, Single Thread, Button & Bar taking multi Purpose sewing machine 



Higher productivity: The machine achieves sewing speed of 3000 sti./min.The machine’s starting, stopping, thread-trimming and automatic Pressure lifting speeds have been increased to significantly shorten total cycle time. Many different sewing patterns: Machine comes with 100, different sewing patterns as standard. The machine permits easy changeover of sewing patterns for effortless execution of an available range of sewing specifications.

Button & Bartack Easy to convert button to bartack & vice-versa. + Excellent seam quality: Newly developed needle thread grasping mechanism helps produce consistent knot tying at the beginning of sewing. (This device has been factory-set to”invoking prohibited” status at the time of delivery.) + Auto-lifter mechanism utilizing a new system: The machine is provided as standard with auto-lifter that uses a new Direct Drive Motor system.This helps reduce operator fatigue. Which Offer easier positioning of a material on the machine. + The work clamp foot lift can be set upto 13mm.


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