FC-299U-211A – Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine (Cutting After Sewing)

Eyelet button hole sewing machine (cutting after sewing)

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The products are widely used in keyhole of sewing.The machine has forward gear pulling equipment in stead of clutch driving it has high product bendefit, and the hole’s size can be adjusted at will. The sewing speed is 2000 turn/min, no vertebra hole is 5/8 hr to I- I 9/32hr. The vertebra hole is 1/2 hr to I -1 /4hr. and the adjustment of buttonholes 1/8 to 3/8 hr.The 1-3/8 buttonhole adjustable range I/8 , to 1 /4hr.The 1 – I /2 hole buttinhole vertebra I /8 hr. Sewing on exquisite cloth must cutting before sewing in two wire chain type keyhole. High output combined with quality: It sew at up to 2000 stitches per minute and in addition there are appreciabe-time saving by “repid feeding” during nonsewing portion of the machine cycle. Four sizes eye: Four sizes of eye can be made on eyelet butonhole machines change from one style of buttonhole to anther requires only the fitting of a new pattern wheel can block (eye) and a cutting knife to match the new shape of buttonhole. • Cutting blocks: Cutting blocks can readily be replaced by band without using any special tool.

FC-299U-211A – Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine (Cutting After Sewing)


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