Direct drive, high speed single needle lock-stitch machine with vertical edge trimmer.

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Features: The Highly Efficient Lockstitch machine which assures the consistent quality of finished seams comes with a sharp knife capable of cutting various types of material.
Beautifully Finished Lockstitch Seams: The thread take-up, feed mechanism, and thread path have been improved so as to respond to material changes. A consistent, beautiful seam finish is therefore attained.
The knife is so sharp that it can cut any type of material: The knife is designed so that the angle can be changed as desired, allowing the knife to be easily applied to any type of material.
During operation, the type of stitching can be easily changed between lockstitch alone and lockstitch with knife: The knife can be attaché by simply pressing the presser plate on the machine arm. The knife is removed also by the simple operation of the knob. Thus the type of stitching, such as with or without knife can be changed with ease.
This model is designed as the optimum for high-speed sewing: This model is made of special alloy of steel , and a feed mechanism and system have been incorporated to make the machine the optimum for high-speed operation. As a result, this model demonstrates a consistent sewing performance during high-speed operation.


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