High speed direct drive, double needle fix bar, needle feed,heavy duty (large hook) lockstitch sewing machine.


FEATURES : High energy saving: New developed motor realizedn higher energy saving. The power consumption of the machine is approximately 61% less than that with the V-belt driven machine. It boasts top-lever energy saving in the industry enabling machine to work twice as many as machine even where the electricity supply is limited. Better response and more comfortable sewing : Better response to the operation has been realized at sewing start and stopping of sewing with new original motor and control box. Time required to reach the maximum sewing speed is approxiametly 25% less compared to those driven by the V-belt driven system. The efficiency of the operation has improved : A downsized and flat control box can provide a larger leg space to be utilized. The efficiency of the operation has been improved. It will also help to alleviate a sense of fatigue of operators who have to sit in front of the machines in a fix posture for a long hours. Sewing Environment Which Ensures Excellent Workability : The machine is provided with a high and long arm which facilitates the handling of sewing products even when sewing large ones such as jeans. In additional, increased stop accuracy and excellent responsiveness, which are the most prominent features of the direct drive, work in combination with the high and long arm to help eliminate operator stress, thereby increasing productivity.


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