FC-8820 – Double Sequin Attaching Machine

Double sequin attaching machine


“FEATURES : This machine combined the sequin embroidery and high speed lockstitch sewing together, it widely used in garment (collar, lace, complete clothes and so on), curtain bedspread, ornaments and craft.
1. It adds roller sequins device on the high speed lockstitch sewing machine, can make the designs of garment more attractive and fashionable with colorful sequins.
2. The different kinds of sequins can suitable: I.Cutsequinsbyknife 2.Snap sequins.
3. Equipped withA/C servo motor enable the machine run more stubbly and reliably even at high speed and can control the sequins embroidery speed accurately,reduce the noise and vibration efficiently.
4. Two different size can be embroidered at one time.lt has 55 inner designs in system such as one big sequin (5mm)-one stitch – one small sequin (3mm), fold two size sequins – one stitch – fold two size sequins. The designs can be edited according to the custom requirements.
5. Auto sequin carrying and cutting. Auto lubricating.”

FC-8820 – Double Sequin Attaching Machine


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