High speed triple needle feed off the arm chain stitch sewing machine with pneumatic puller, auto lifter & auto thread trimmer.



1. The machine provides beautifully-finished seams even when heavy-weight material is used.

2. Thanks to the thread guide located between the needle bar thread take-up and the intermediate tension release lever, the timing to tense the needle thread can be changed and the bobbin thread tension can be decreased.As a result, the machine is capable of beautiful finished stitches with a soft appearance even when heavy-weight material is used.

3. The machine prevents uneven material feed. Differences in height between the feed dog and the sole of the presser foot can be appropriately specified and adjusted in accordance with the material thickness. Folders allow the material to be smoothly fed and the cloth puller (optional) has improved fulcrum so that it can run on the material and prevent uneven material feed. The pneumatic auto-lifter helps reduce the operator’s fatigue and enables the operator to operate the sewing machine rhythmically. The needle cooler is a device to prevent thread breakage caused by a hot needle. The needle cooler equipped with an auxiliary blower (for light-weight materials) available, and this allows the material to be easily rolled in at the sewing.


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