High speed semi dry head, direct drive, single needle lockstitch sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer & needle positioning.

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Features:Semi-dry head type Max. sewing speed: 5,000sti/min
Sewing work free from oil stains by means of our leading-edge dry-head technology.
With the advanced dry technology of enabling operation without being lubricated, a frame which does not need lubrication has been developed. It is provided with not only a high-speed sewing capability, but also a safety feature for preventing oil stains.
The needle bar and thread take-up components are not lubricated.
For the hook section, the standard method of lubrication is employed.
Dry technology Oil stains on the material being sewn are reduced, thereby improving product quality.
The advanced dry technology helps prevent oil stains on the material being sewn. The main source of oil stains is the frame. The semi-dry head type sewing machine comes with a frame which does not need lubrication.
The needle bar mechanism is finished with a special surface treatment (DLC, Diamond Like Carbon Coating) and uses unique special grease for lubrication. Grease-filled bearings have been adopted for the sections requiring bearings.
The frame mechanism of the sewing machine demonstrates superb durability even with no oil. Oil stains on the material being sewn are reduced. As a result the frequency of stain removal work or re-sewing work is dramatically reduced, thereby improving the finished quality of the product.


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