FC-F-1000 – Conveyer Type Fusing Machine-Belt Width 900mm

Conveyer type fusing machine-belt width 900mm


The machine adopts the special processed conveyer belt. It increases more intensity,and the belt runs steadily.

2. Single side could open the machine. It is suitable for stick the liner in the front of the garment. The needless parts could be work without heat up.

3. The pressure is steady and even in whole width range.

4. The temperature of this fusing machine is even. It has upper and lower heating equipments. The temperature could be adjusted from 0-220° C.It could press liner single or double face.

5. There’s the electric temperature controller and direct sensor could control tiny difference in temperature.

6. Pay attention to the safe reliability of the electric.

7. Belt-replacing in single side and operate easily.

8. There’s a hand instruction for power cut and could avoid burn out the cloth.


FC-F-1000 – Conveyer Type Fusing Machine-Belt Width 900mm


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