FCM-250-2850 – Clutch Motor

Clutch Motor

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Clutch Motors 1/4 hp, 2850 RPM, 220 volt are the tried and true standard for the production sewing machine industry.The motor runs continuously and the sewing machine is started with a treadle activated clutch.A heal operated brake provides for instant stops. At the back of the motor there are toggles to switch from I 10-volt to 220-volt power, as well as a switch that allows you to reverse the direction the motor spins, allowing the motor shaft to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise. The motor also features a 6-volt, 2-prong outlet for appropriate devices. Included with this motor is the On/Off switch panel with wiring to the motor as well as the hardware necessary to mount the motor to a Commercial StandTable.

FCM-250-2850 – Clutch Motor


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