Fully Automatic Mask Printing Machine

Disposable Mask Production Line Batch Code Date Printing Machine Mask Logo Printer embedded Linux operation system.


1.Model : FC-AMP
2.Shape features: Steel, color touch screen
3.Definition: 600DPI
4.Spray nozzle : Thermal foaming
5.Printing direction: Adjustable with 360 degree, meet all kinds of production needs
6.Printing height : 2mm-25mm
7.Printing distance : The best distance between the nozzle and printed object is within 3mm
8.Printing content : Text, number, date, time, QR code, bar code, variable code, picture etc
9.Application : Board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, electronics, plastic,paper
10.Printing speed: 60m/min
11.Voltage: 110v or 220v
12.Working condition: Temperature:0 – 45 degree; Humidity: 10% – 80%
13.Ink volume: 55ml(usually can print 100,000 characters)
15. Ink type: Quick-dry environmental ink
16. Ink color: Black(Standard), white, red, blue, yellow, green


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