Best Sewing Machine – FS-03

High speed direct drive, needle positioning, single needle lockstitch

sewing machine



High energy saving

Exceptional responsiveness for comfortable sewing

High quality & clean sewing without oil staining from needle bar

A downsized and flat control box providing a much larger leg space to be utilized

Energy-saving techniques Power consumption is substantially decreased.

The latest compact-size AC Servomotor has been adopted.

The FS-03 has adopted the latest compact-size AC Servomotor as its driving source. This latest compact-size AC Servomotor is an energy-saving, highly efficient motor which is able to run under a high torque and has a broader range of speed.

In addition, the AC Servomotor is installed with a direct-drive system to transmit the motor power directly to the sewing machine, thereby achieving improved power-consumption saving, quicker response, quicker start-up, increased accuracy of the stop position and stronger material penetrating force of the needle.
The new model control box, which energy-saving mode is provided.

The new model control box, which consists of an energy-saving mode, has been developed. This control box is the first one which provides an energy-saving mode for the sewing machine. The power consumption during standby, when the motor is at rest, is reduced by approximately 20%.


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