Safety Rules When Using an Industrial Sewing Machine

Safety is the most important aspect of any industrial hub and it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a safe working environment. 

For operators working in the garment and upholstery businesses, it’s a must to know the safety measures associated with industrial sewing machines. 

Working with a device is a great responsibility and one should know to use it safely. Here are some safety tips associated with industrial sewing machines.

Safety Features – Industrial Sewing Machine

Safety Features - Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Choose the right machine – If the manufacturing hub is producing thick or strong fabrics, then one needs to have good research before buying industrial sewing machines (single needle sewing machines, double-needle sewing machines, etc. ), or else there is a risk involved of an accident.
  • Electricity – When the operator is using the sewing machine, there is electricity involved so you need to be careful with the damage associated with an electric shock. You can take simple steps by not overloading the machines with outfits and not using cords that are damaged.
  • Listen to your sewing machine – One needs to listen to your sewing machine as a broken machine is a warning. If you can hear rattling or grinding inside the machine then there is a check needed. 
  • Servicing required – Industrial sewing machines do require maintenance at regular intervals. The machine needs to be serviced by a professional to avoid mishaps at work.
  • The intactness of pins and needles – When you are setting up the sewing machine, make sure that the pins and needles are not damaged at all. A broken needle can damage your machine or destroy the fabric.
  • Do not sew over pins – Make sure that you take the pins out of your fabric as you work. Sewing over the pins can break them or damage your machine or fabric. 
  • Keep your hair out of the way – If you have long hair, then it is a nightmare. One needs to be careful as if you leaning on your work area. Your long hair can pose a danger if you are not careful. 
  • Distance – The moving needle of the industrial sewing machine is the most important part and you need to maintain a safe distance from the working needle. Also, the fabric you are working on needs some guidance. Do not bring your fingers close to the needle.
  • Stay focused – if you have started working on your sewing machine then you need to have full concentration on your work. It’s easy for a mishap to happen if you are not focused on your work. One should avoid the use of a sewing machine if he or she is not focused enough.
  • Switch off – Do not let your industrial sewing machine set idle if you are only stepping away for a minute. Make sure that the machine is off and unplugged before you start any repairs or go away for a while.

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