title Leather and Footwear Industry – A Huge Potential

Leather and Footwear Industry – A Huge Potential

With 4.42 million employees, the leather and footwear industry is a labor-intensive business. With roughly 40% of the workforce being female, this is one of the main industries that employ women.

The sector has hit several major milestones. India ranks second among countries that export leather clothing. With the increasing demand for leather and footwear, the demand for qualified machine operators and industrial sewing machines also became and day to day affair for the industry leaders.

According to estimates, 0.5 million unemployed persons who received training through various government programs in the last five years have found employment in this industry. Therefore, the sector has a great chance of creating more job possibilities throughout the post-COVID period.

title Leather and Footwear Industry – A Huge Potential

India is the world’s second-largest consumer of footwear, with a market for leather goods and shoes worth an estimated USD 12 billion. Additionally, India exports finished leather, leather goods, and footwear for roughly USD 5 billion each year.

India has created its name as a supplier of high-quality goods thanks to its inherent qualities of a large raw material base, traditional knowledge, skilled labor, and application of contemporary technologies.

The leather and footwear industry offers promising potential for new businesses since it has strong prospects for growth after COVID, both domestically and abroad. The Mega Leather, Footwear, and Accessories Development Cluster (MLFACs), which will be integrated production hubs with plug-and-play factory models and shared facilities like testing labs, etc., will be developing in severalstates including Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. These MLFACs provide start-ups with a solid foundation.The general expansion and development of the leather and footwear sector have been actively supported by the Council for Leather Exports.

The Council for Leather Exports is pursuing a multifaceted, aggressive, and proactive marketing campaign despite the Pandemic to capitalize on the potential present in numerous countries. Overall, the leather and footwear sector offers excellent potential for expansion and growth, both at home and abroad.

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